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"Whole" wellness requires awareness of destructive toxins that bombard us from both external sources, as well as our own internal mental and spiritual state of being.

This internal wisdom perfectly aligns with natural solutions for confronting the external sources of toxic chemicals we encounter at every turn.  Our bodies were magnificently created with an ability to heal. Our design works optimally in harmony with the creation of which it is a part. I have a passion for natural sources of support for our physical bodies and long-term preventative and health sustaining approaches as opposed to symptom treatments that simply add more chemicals and toxins to our systems, causing the body to work to combat the very things that are intended to heal.

Essential oils support every system of the body at a cellular level every step of the way. When that support is partnered with coaching for the internal life...the mindsets, perspectives, stresses, and fears that aren't serving and supporting wholeness and well-being...the entire being finds ease and is re-energized.

Making changes, both inner and outer, are simply choices. With a partner to coach, encourage, and support personal change, success is a matter of taking action. I love coaching and training individuals on their journey!

I want wellness...for everyone!

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