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My forte is architecting learning experiences. As a curriculum developer and facilitator, I lean into my understanding of the interconnection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to design learning environments and encounters for true learning...by practice.

This layer-by-layer approach is evident not only in the practicums I have developed, but in everything I do from the books I author, to the videos I create, the podcasts and Guides-to-Go I design and deliver, and the speaking opportunities I have to engage with an audience.

The learning experiences I create are counterintuitive and disruptive to our education-system instilled process that tests an ability to regurgitate information as opposed to true discovery and learning through application. We jump right into it without concern for it being messy or fear of failure. Learning is hindered when the burden to "get it right" is present. My style confronts that in order to obliterate it and transform the learning process at the deepest levels. With all I do, I invite you to discover how to really learn!