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It is an understatement to say Tricia is well-equipped. Thousands of hours and thousands of dollars later, she has assembled quite an infrastructure of understanding and tools that are directly relevant to personality, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership development. Tricia's title of "personal and business coach" is deserved. Below are her certifications and their applications.

Philosophy & Approach

Tricia's coaching is not scripted or mathematical, but creatively reasoned from client to client. She is guided by a deeper philosophy that every person and situation is riddled with nuances and subtleties that cannot be easily quantified. Thus, she uses her equipping as a weapons cache, not a textbook, to formulate fresh wisdom in the moment for each client.

As a Christian Coach

As a Christian coach, Tricia understands that biblical truth and the power of the Holy Spirit are absolutely required for the faith-to-faith, glory-to-glory pattern of transformation (John 4:23,24, Romans 1:17, 2Corinthians 3:18). She employs the spiritual disciplines, personalized teaching, urged obedience, self-discovery, designing environments, and other biblical mechanisms to shepherd you into that "new creation" reality.

As a Business Coach

As a business coach, Tricia is an ace. Her leadership development works because her method is simple and clever. She does not impose performance on her protégés, she mines it from deep within them and guides them toward that magical triangulation of their (1) intrinsic passions, (2) natural talents, and (3) ideal job role. Though many seek this amalgam, Tricia's enormous cache of socioemotional wisdom, and her own experience as an executive, cause her to excel at exactly this.



 Certified Executive Coach

Professional Path Certified Coach


EI360 Accredited Facilitator

  MBTI Certified Practitioner

Right Brain Therapy, Intro Level

DDI Certified Facilitator & Targeted Selection Trainer


  The Elemental Leader

 The Path Leader

  SDI Qualified – Personal Strengths

  Workplace Diversity &
  Cultural Awareness

Description & Applications

Groom and develop pre-identified leadership talent within Lockheed Martin for succession planning purposes.

Coach clients in a variety of critical life skills: goal-setting (short-term, long-term), identifying internal saboteurs, identifying external obstacles, formulating strategies and solutions, navigating conflict, etc.


Coach and train clients to govern their emotions in both difficult and pleasurable moments and seasons, enabling meaningful connections and premium performance.


Administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory. Help clients understand their perceptive and judicial preferences, enabling them to conduct every aspect of their life with greater relevance and wisdom, and therefore, greater fruitfulness and fulfillment.


Conduct brain-mapping on clients for the purpose of emotional identification, anti-suppression, and healing.


Facilitate any one of DDI's fifty-plus leadership development instruments. Train interviewers in how to conduct "extractive" interviews of potential leaders.


Administer The Path Elements Profile System on families, teams. and organizations. Appraise and develop communication, bonding, and synchronicity to increase desired outcomes.


Employ The Path programs to guide individuals toward their unique purpose.


Administer SDI's series of assessments and methodologies aimed at developing relational quality. Areas of focus: understanding motivational language, conflict management, and dual state.

Train clients in cultural diversity, sensitivity, and dexterity.