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I am passionate about the whole person being well and living on purpose! We are integrated beings, and every aspect must be addressed to be fully alive for our ONE LIFE - spirit, soul, mind, and body!

My personal journey and education into true wellness began in 2007. Deep inner healing from 43 years of life's unresolved sludge in my soul launched me into a place of freedom and purpose.

With this spiritual awakening, I embarked on a whole new path. Fueled by a oneness with the Source of life, I studied and trained, in depth, about the inner workings of our brains and emotions, and the resulting chemical interconnections with our physical bodies. My certifications in coaching, emotional intelligence, and brain science inform me on the toxic chemistry taking place internally.

There are many strategies that can be learned and practiced to minimize the inner chemistry that leads to dis-ease. After years of my own personal "application," I can attest to the Power of Christ within us to oversee our thinking for our own benefit and health, and the benefit of every relationship in our life.

Do you want the 'skinny' on my credentials? Here you go!

I look forward to connecting with you on your journey. Let me know how I can support you!

Tricia Kaye Exman